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Hi, everyone! I am Genevieve and welcome to my page. I have been cooking for most of my life. It’s a skill which I believe has been passed to me by my mother’s side of the family.

I learned various cooking methods from my mother and culinary school, but my interest in using the smoker started around the last few years of schooling. I discovered the wide variety of dishes you can make through the smoker. It introduced new interesting flavors to my cooking. Now, it’s my favorite equipment.

I started with simple barbecue recipes, smoked meat jerkies, and different cheeses. I loved the experience of looking for the perfect wood chips and charcoal to use to bring out the perfect taste and aroma. Pairing different chips with different food ingredients gives out interesting flavors that can highlight the main ingredient in your dish. Making and using smoked salt in cooking can also give a nice twist. The excitement of looking for the best combinations of flavors and aromas in using the smoker is exhilarating!

I started this blog to be able to share with you all the wonders of cooking with a barbecue smoker. I will be highlighting some simple recipes, using a smoker for events and parties, and even how to choose the right barbecue for you. I hope you will all enjoy reading through my blog and get some inspiration for your own cooking. Through this blog, I wish to let you experience the fun and beauty of cooking with a barbecue smoker. I am still discovering different combinations and processes with this cooking style. I hope you go on this discovering adventure with me.

Let us all go on this journey together to find the best combinations of wood chips and seasonings to bring out the best flavor!